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How to set up Trust Wallet? | Section overview

Trust Wallet Settings

The "Settings" section includes the following items:


Additional functionality of Trust Wallet

In the updated version of the application, several more menu sections are available, namely:

Backup settings

This feature is required to ensure that your digital assets are fully protected. It allows you to quickly return access to the crypto wallet in case of loss, theft or damage to the device.

Step-by-step backup setup algorithm:

  1. Open Trust Wallet and select the option Backups (depending on the version of the application, it may be located in the "Settings" or "Main menu" section)
  2. Click on Backup your wallet
  3. Enter your current Trust Wallet password
  4. At this point, the backup will be created, and the phrase to restore will be displayed on the screen. Be sure to remember it
  5. seed
  6. End the process.

Trust Wallet Verification

When you sign in to the Trust Wallet app from another device, you don't need to set up your details and pass verification in advance. The crypto wallet identifies users solely by the seed phrase, acting in accordance with its main principle - ensuring maximum privacy of personal information and control over assets.